• Understandable - Written in plain English with easily interpretable graphs and analytics
  • Wellbeing Overview - Provides a snapshot overview of people’s wellbeing in one screen. This snapshot delivers insight into things that affect people’s wellbeing, enabling them to direct their personal resources towards actions that improve their wellbeing
  • Tracks Wellbeing - Results are displayed to show trends, which help identify current problem areas and proactively identify developing problem areas
  • Program Evaluation - Results can help assess the effectiveness of programmes or activities aimed at developing wellbeing
  • Value - Free assessments and reports for individuals (i.e., non-employees), inexpensive for organisations and consultants

What's in the WoW report?

The WoW assessment report explains wellbeing generally, and then provides a detailed description and interpretation of a person’s personal results across the four modules of Global Wellbeing, Domain Wellbeing, Work Wellbeing, and Component Wellbeing (Resilience, and Health and Lifestyle factors). These results are displayed as a snapshot of a person’s current wellbeing and how their wellbeing is changing over time (after subsequent assessments).

Example WoW reports

  • This Individual / Employee / Consultee WoW Report is of a fourth assessment and includes Global Wellbeing, Domain Wellbeing, Work Wellbeing, and the components of Resilience, and Health and Lifestyle factors -Download here
  • This Organisational WoW Report is of an organisation's second assessment - Download here
  • This report is of an organisation's employees' free text responses - Download here
  • This excel file is an example of the anonymous data provided to an organisation - Download here