• Quick and User-friendly - An assessment takes on average around 10 minutes. The user-friendly and elegant design of the assessment forms provide an engaging survey experience - the questions are easy to read, the response buttons easy to click
  • Comprehensive - The base assessment is comprised of 50 questions that assess both what is going right and what is going wrong for individuals, ensuring a complete assessment of wellbeing
  • Scientific - WoW leverages wellbeing science by being based on the latest theories of wellbeing. We use already empirically validated psychometric measures and sub-components from established measures in order to provide the right information to develop wellbeing
  • Solutions Focused - An assessment that leads to wellbeing development solutions. The information provided can enable the development of highly engaged individuals, teams, leaders and employees

What's in the WoW assessment?

The WoW assessment consists of a collection of validated psychometric scales and scientifically informed questions from the psychology literature that assess various aspects of wellbeing. The WoW assessment covers all major theories of wellbeing, rather than one particular theory or perspective. The assessment has four main modules: an assessment of Global Wellbeing; an assessment of Domain Wellbeing; an assessment of Workplace Wellbeing; and an assessment of Component Wellbeing factors underpinning wellbeing that are related to a workplace context.


The assessment is balanced with regard to the span of assessment (i.e., asking about today, yesterday, last week, in general) consistent with the sensitivity of the elements measured.

Individual vs Employee assessments?  

  •  ‘Individuals’ (i.e., non-employee) answer the Global Wellbeing module (14 questions), the Domain Wellbeing module (10 questions), Work Wellbeing module (if employed - 19 questions), and the Component modules on Resilience (3 questions) and Health and Lifestyle factors (4 questions), making the Individual assessment 50 questions in total. Individuals also answer some standard demographic questions (7 questions)


  • ‘Employees’ from an Organisation answer the same question set as for Individuals, however Organisations then have the flexibility to add various component modules (e.g., Work engagement, burnout, stress, strengths, personality, vitality, leadership, etc) – depending on what is most relevant to their organisation. This flexibility, and the assessment as a whole, allows organisations and organisational consultants to assess driving components of workforce issues, to analyse what impacts performance levels, and to have the data and information to act to improve the wellbeing and engagement of their people

WoW assessment technical manual

The technical manual is a comprehensive and detailed description of the WoW assessment - including notes on its development, the specific questions asked, the response scales used, and underpinning links to the scientific literature. If you would like a copy, please contact us.  We also have a manual which includes a detailed description of additional questions and measures (54 in total) that can be added to employee and consultee assessments.